Internal Server Error ERPNext

I got a server error. I already restart my server. And try another option. Actually, I don’t understand, what happened.


Please help me to solve this error.


You need to provide more information…

This is one of site on this server
Which information need to provide? Please mention me

See if all the services are running → sudo supervisorctl status all , sudo systemctl status redis-server.service

Review your logs → /bench/frappe/logs (frappe, web.error, worker.error etc)

Mention any changes or actions you may have done prior to the issue occurring.

I don’t understand that line:

  • Review your logs → /bench/frappe/logs (frappe, web.error, worker.error etc)*

Go to frappe-bench/frappe/logs directory, and review the log files for errors.

Ok. Here is log directory list:

I got the solution. Actually, my MariaDB status failed. That’s why I get the server error.

This command solve this problem

sudo systemctl start mariadb

Thanks, @Shaun (Bhaiya) try to find out my problem.