Internal Server Error Message

After using the bulk upload option for uploading stock levels, the server shit down!I got this message Internal Server Error. Now I cant even get into the system!

please check the Server Space,log & supervisor status & share the Error.


Unfortunately I cannot check anything, I cant even get access to my server.

How have you been accessing it, only via the browser? or via the terminal.

If you access via the terminal you should be able to get all the required information to troubleshoot the issues.

Last case scenario, reboot your server if you can do that.


I don’t have a terminal, I have MySQL but that wont connect either

You will need a terminal or at least access to the server to reboot it.

If you have access to a terminal you will be able to restart services without having to reboot it.

It would help if you can provide basic informtion about your setup so that the community can help you better.

As it is we are only guessing here. :wink:

Thanks, will get the terminal access info.

But the issue is why did stock updating in bulk cause a server meltdown?

Again without providing detail about how much data you were uploading, how you were doing, what you server setup is and so forth, its hard for us to determine what is the cause.

May be you should check first:

Are you self hosted?
What kind of OP are you using?
Are you using VM?
How many client, user?

Hope this helps.