Server Requirements and Growth

Hi All,

I have tested a few different scenarios with ERPNext and would like to have your thoughts on the minimum requirements for the server.

Currently my setup is 1 front-end server where ERPNext is installed and a DB server with MariaDB.

ERPNext Server has the below config:
1 Core, 2GB RAM and 100GB HDD

DB Server has the below config:
1Core, 4GB RAM and 100GB SSD

I am running only one site right now with 5 users for testing.

I would to have more information on the growth of both servers when i increase the number of users. Is there a specific amount of memory / cores / HDD i can allocate to a user? then use this equation to increase the server sizing accordingly?

Many Thanks.

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You can change the number of foreground and background workers on your system based on the number of cores you have. This is automatically set by default based on your cpu cores

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Thank you very much for the info.

I am actually not very good at coding and would be grateful if you could give me something less technical.

I currently have 5 users on the system. If i increase it to 15, what kind of server should i look at?

ERPNext and DBServer are installed on 2 different servers.

Many Thanks Again.

with 5-15 concurrent users, defaults should be good enough.

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Hi Felix,

By defaults, you mean a server with 1 core and 2GB memory only for ERPNext without MariaDB?