Internal Server Error on default erpnext

Hi I am developing erpnext module and that serves on port 9000,but but my pre-install erpnext not showing on localhost ,how to start that previous erpnext on localhost

current module url,localhost:9000
previous erpnext url only localhost
but that showing internal server eroor…

Please share error log.

@Jaydip_Zatakiya also share contents of Procfile
you will find this file under frappe-bench

Hi all,

I am getting an ‘Internal Server Error’ and here is the content of my Procfile:

redis_cache: redis-server config/redis_cache.conf
redis_socketio: redis-server config/redis_socketio.conf
redis_queue: redis-server config/redis_queue.conf
web: bench serve --port 8000

socketio: /bin/node apps/frappe/socketio.js
watch: bench watch
schedule: bench schedule
worker_short: bench worker --queue short
worker_long: bench worker --queue long
worker_default: bench worker --queue default