Internal Server Error on update


Anyone else have this weird issue. So after enabling set-maintenance-mode on, and running bench update… halfway through the update the site switches from “Your system is being updated…” to Internal Server Error…

Any ideas on ensuring “your system is being updated…” is kept on until the update finished?


Try running the update manually so that you can see the errors that it produces

When I run the update and watched where the error begins, its seems to be at the stage of building frappe assets/doc types…

what’s the error?

So I set maintenance mode on and get the Your system is being updated:


Then I run bench update and when I get to Building DocTypes for errpnext, the website shows internal error:


Once update is complete, the website is back to normal.


I think this is the correct behaviour.
The site is supposed to be “unavailable” during the update. If it returns to normal after the update, then this is not an error - just a notification to prevent users from damaging things while the update is running