Internal Server Error when I set next contact date

When I set Next Contact Date then shows this error. what do I do?

@Jay_Patel try bench migrate

You mean

sudo bench migrate

Only run commands like:

bench restart
bench migrate
bench clear-cache


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Thank for the Reply…
Same Error Again. After using these commands.

Any server script or client script applies or not, please check it.

If not work then try commands like:

bench update --reset
bench update


No, no added any server script or client script.
and Also try

bench update --reset
bench update

After trying this posted a query…

Please check in the console log and paste the error when clicking Next Contact Date.


console log>>>>


Console log means check-in Inspect (F12) select console.


Is this?

Yes, but something is not working in your system and doesn’t catch.

And your next contact date is proper.
if does not proper then the end date will not be set but in your case ends on a date does proper set.

I hope any will be a solution for the topic.


Problem Not Solved…
Kindly Provide a solution.