Internal server error

My ERPnext was installed two days back.
And both morning’s i woke to this:

My server service provider told me it’s a software issue and not a server issue.
yesterday when i restarted the server the ERPnext started functioning as normal.
Running UBUNTU 14

See below:

On servers with low ram < 1G, mysql is known to crash as it runs out of memory. If this is the case, you can reduce the innodb buffer pool size, refer Mysql (mariadb) crashing on DO Centos7 (SOLVED) - #5 by pdvyas

hi pdvyas

I upgraded my hosting to 1gb Ram, it was 512mb
its sorted now. Thank you!
But the other issue is that after setting up my suppport email and outgoing server, tickets aren’t created or received in the support module.
i have verified that all details are correct.

However i am able t email quotes to and invoices etc…

Any advice?

Great, let’s follow this on the other topic you created.