Internal survey for missed sales

We want to maybe use the “notes” section or maybe another application in erpnext to take survey’s based on missed sales opportunities.

For example, on a daily basis, if we are missing many sales because of a set number of reasons, we want to provide our employee a survey style form, where they can click why they missed sales on that particular day and add notes if required for certain selections

Some reasons could be for example: price, no stock, product/model not carried, and optionally some field blanks.

We plan to use the survey results and data to get a sense of why we are not completing sales and what products are being requested by customers that we are not carrying.

Is there a suggested way to implement something like this?

I think you can just add a custom field at the end of the Quotation form. Use List type so that you can list a few selectable reasons.

sometimes we do not even get to the quotation part - especially if we do not carry the product or brand. Is it possible to do this to the notes section instead?

Opportunity seems to be the best place to track lost sales.

where is that located?

Selling in v4, CRM in v5

would that really be the best place?

If the customer has never purchased from us, the customer field would be blank. If we don’t carry the product in the first place (which is the whole point of the survey), then it wouldn’t be in the item list as well.

Maybe I did not explain the purpose too well. Let me clarify.

If a customer calls or asks about a particular line of product that we do not carry. As soon as we mention that we do not carry it, they may not be interested in alternatives or others, and will simply not continue the sales process. What I would like to document to later analyze is why was that customer turned away, what made him say no. Was it that we did not carry the product, was it the price we offered it was too high, was it the color, the size, etc.

Unfortunately if the primary reason of missing the sale is primarily because we do not stock the item, then I want to make sure that is documented in one way or another to then look at it, and see a survey style response showing which opportunities were missed and why. If the product is not carried in the first place, it would not be in the items list.