InternalError: (1118, 'Row size too large

Hey there,

when I am trying to add a new field to my custom doctype I get the following error:


As far as I have searched for it this means that there are to many “Text”-Fields in the Mariadatabase. What is the best workaround / solution for adding more fields to this doctype?


today I did some research and found out the following.

  • The SQL-Error is primarily caused by to many Attributes in the Database-Table of the Doctype
  • The Database-Table of the Doctype grows with Changes made to the Doctype (probably due to backwards compatibilty
  • It is possible to delete deprecated columns manually, but proceed with care and backup everything prior to such operations

@Canlann did you get any solution of it, because i have the same issue while creating the doctype.
Even i change the Row_Format in Mariadb server,but it doesn’t gets resolved.
If you gets any solution kindly help me with that.
thanks in advanvce.

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