Internet Explorer run ERP

Hello guys:

I try to run ERP with IE,but its result met my expectations.
Even I use EXPLORE 11, IE still CAN’T RUN ERP,
I want to know that what version of IE can run ERP .

Hi @11111 . I believe there has been compatibility issues using IE. You can use other browsers (firefox, chrome) instead.

Chrome gives better Compatibility

Hi all,

just again to confirm, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) will not allow login into ERPNext.

Affects Internet Explorer 11.1770.14393.0 (11.0.47) with ERPNext 9.2.3 (Frappe 9.2.4).

It works on Firefox Edge and other browsers.

Hi, have you found the solution?

The login issue “object does not support method assign” in frappe-web.min.js (834) still affects Internet Explorer 11 with the recent Frappe V10…

Hi, thanks for your answer. Have you tried to create github issue or maybe you know how to fix it?

I have create a bug for this in Frappe github:

Thank you:)

Frappe have not targetted IE or Edge for that matter to work well with ERPNext. IE is difficult to code for as the Frappe team use many very current tech features which are simply not supported or work well with IE. Dont forget IE11 is now over 4 years old …

They will also generally prefer to works with standards compliant browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera etc

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Hi @Julian_Robbins,

thanks for this input, well appreciated. I would also prefer not to work with IE, believe me :wink: However, some customers, often larger or governmental institutions have no freedom to choose their browser and they still have very high IE distribution rates. Therefore, it would be a plus to have this resolved. I’ll also look into sme proposals…