Introducing Dashboard

We’ve finally merged Dashboard. frappe/frappe#6777.

According to the current design, Dashboards consists of one or more Dashboard Charts. Each Dashboard Chart is configured to use a Dashboard Chart Source as a data source for generating chart data. New Dashboard Chart Sources can only be created by Administrator in Developer Mode.

We’ve introduced Account Balance Timeline as a Dashboard Chart Source in ERPNext Accounting module. frappe/erpnext#16411.

Do test it out and let us know your thoughts. We’d appreciate your feedback.


Nice work.

This works on version 12 alone i think?

@kolotayo Yes, new features will go to v12, since feature merging has been stopped in v11.

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Good job guys, but cant we have this in version 11 since version 12 might not be released for months and months ??



Nice works. I do agree that tests should be done on v11.
Also how can I standalone get the ode and do on v10?
This bcs many have not yet moved to production v11 (me).

new features go into new versions.

I think it is a good practice to stick to that principle for the development team in order to not loose focus. Maybe some day in the future when LTS versions are becoming more mature it may make sense to backport some features here and there.


Can someone please help with login at

Dear @Sirjames,

Why not try ?

it does not require login and i think they are same.

even though this has not much to do with the Topic here …

In theory should represent the develop branch, while should be a demo of ‘master’. So they are not the same, none of them should require login.

Practically ist broken since quite a while while beta… seems to work.


Good Afternoon,

Nice Work…
Is there anything that needs to be installed before i can see the Dashboard App?
I have been searching for it in my new Updated version and i cant seem to find it.

Is there a walk through so that i can test this out??

The documentation for ERPNext hasn’t been updated yet but you can see the PR for Docs here to get started

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thank you @adityahase.

i saw and checked this already. but i cant seem to locate “Places”. This is where i am stuck. See screen shot

Getting there is the Issue

Now I can setup dashboard page. Thank you very much.
And I make video how to make dashboard page


Thank You @vinhnguyent090

Very helpful

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  1. not sure how this relates to this Topic
  2. if you’d search for that term here on the forum you may see that this seems not to be working always
  3. should be the platform that has the develop version (v12 as of now)running where should be (if it worked) a demo of the current stable version (v11 as of now)

I’m not having much luck getting this to work. In your video, at around 50 seconds, you show a code window labeled config for the chart source. I assume this is to create the js file.

However, when I navigate to the same place, there’s no such window.

I’m logged in as admin and I’ve enabled developer mode but I’m not sure how to prove that developer mode is actually working. The developer card doesn’t show up on my desktop but it does show up on the desktop of another user.

To be clear, the given example does work but I can’t seem to create a new custom chart source without going to a terminal and creating the js file manually. This doesn’t seem like the way it’s intended to work and I suspect something is broken for me.

@Rich_Hampton Account Balance Timeline is a Dashboard Chart Source

I’m afraid the video is outdated because of frappe#7243, erpnext#17194. The contents of the config fields were recently moved to account_balance_timeline.js

What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Trying to use the Account Balance Timeline source to create a Dashboard Chart? Or trying to create a custom Dashboard Chart Source? You don’t have to be Administrator or switch the Developer Mode on for the former.

Is it possible to have as timespan the current year / month / week ?