Introducing Energy Points System

Hello Community,

We have introduced a new feature called Energy Points System in Frappe V12.

This is basically a rating/karma system that you can enable for your organization.


  • Energy Point Rule
    Since the main thing about Frappe is DocType and almost all work can be tracked using that.
    You can create rules for a doctype with conditions.
    When a document matches the provided condition, user will get the point defined in the rule

    This is an example rule for “Closing of Issue”. So when any user who closes the issue he/she will be rewarded with the points.

  • Review System
    There might be cases when more than one person might have worked on the same document.
    In such a case, the Review System can be used.
    Check out following GIF for the review process.

For reviewing user needs to have review points, which can be assigned by System Manager through Energy Point Settings

  • Leaderboard
    Users can check their standings in the organization.

Do try it out and let us know your thoughts. We’d appreciate your feedback.


Seems like v12 is also getting some great new features like Dashboards and now EPS same as v11 provided charts and datatables. Looking for many more to come. :wink:


can we assign energy point if some one open/view documents ?
for example staff need to check last 5 quote for items for same or different customer before make new quote , we can make rules if document viewed assign energy point to user ?

How do you delete energy point log? Testing the shopping cart and Test Customer was assigned energy points. Now cannot delete Test Customer - as is linked to Energy Points. Unable to delete energy points either.

Never mind. Assigned Systems Administrator Delete permissions on Energy Points Log - and all good. Thanks.

You cannot delete it but there is an option revert if that’s what you need.

Was able to delete the points awarded by assigning system manager role permission to delete on energy point log. I think energy points for Customer should be turned off by default.

There is no more such delete option. Pl help.

I also tried reverting the log, but it only added -5 points to already existing 5 points as additional log, and still did not allow to delete the user.