Introducing ERPNext and HR Support for Frappe Cloud

Dear Community,

Glad to announce that Frappe is introducing the ERPNext and HR product warranty support on Frappe Cloud for all sites hosted on the $50 / ₹4100 plan and above. This means if you encounter any replicable product-related bugs on your site, then you can directly raise a ticket with us and we will fix it within the SLA.

To know more, check out this blog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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Wow, that’s quite an ecosystem-redefining move with many implications!

Very interesting. I’m impressed. And not done yet thinking about its ramifications.

It might also spell hope and spread reasonability to many people.
Especially if data ownership and ease of self-hosting, self-installability and self-maintainability rest assured or, even better, improve over time.

“Freeing enterprise”

[well, that’s how I understood “free enterprise” found on certain T-Shirts visible in Frappé vidéos: as an imperative, a task to accomplish]


what’s the latest version of HR?

You can check for the latest version here:

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I have Frappe HR: v15.0.0-dev (develop) installed but it has been a while but the link version shows [v14.10.1]. um… what should i do? @rmeyer thanks!

That means you are on no particular stable version, but on the so-called bleeding edge, where every change is immediately available.

a stable version would be better i guess.

may i know how can i uninstall that version to reinstall the stable one?

Downgrades are not supported. I guess your best bet would be to pause updates until v15 is released. Then uninstall the app and reinstall it using the version-15 branch.
This way, the version-15 branch will be newer than your current develop branch, so it’s technically an upgrade.

Edit: as @rtdany10 correctly pointed out below, uninstalling an app wipes most of your data. It’s better to create a new bench with the desired version (version-15 branch) and restore a backup of your site into it.


Hey everyone :wave:

Here’s a clearer picture of how the new $50 and above pricing will help you get more for less.

Now, at just $50 a month, you can have ERPNext with hosting benefits and product support for unlimited users – all at no additional cost.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 2.14.11 PM

No more user-based pricing

By moving away from user-based pricing, we want to help you control your business expenses and scale up as your business grows. You can now add as many users as you like with our $50 plan.

Product Warranty

With the product warranty bundled up in this package, we will fix all the replicable bugs in ERPNext within a dedicated SLA so your business continues to function with minimum disruptions.

Get support + warranty for Frappe HR

When you install Frappe HR on your $50 plan, you will have SLA-bound product support and warranty for Frappe HR without having to pay anything extra.

Now is the best time to upgrade to our $50 plan from your Frappe Cloud dashboard and get all the Frappe services in a very affordable way. Read up on this blog to get more insights into the plan.

Please don’t. You’ll lose all your data on uninstall.
Better way would be to take a backup of the site and restore it on v14.


Why isn’t it an option to wait for the version-15 branch to be created from develop, then simply switch to that branch?

Does it wipe all. Data regarding hr or all datas of erpnext?

My problem is I can restore a backup from a version 14 version, can’t upgrade, errors happened and I couldn’t solve it.

Does ERP Next has Desktop Application and on-premise solution for mid size distribution businesses?