Introducing Frappe Incubator ✨

We are excited to announce the new Frappe Incubator Program! :confetti_ball:

Up to 10 community contributors can now get funded to build their own open-source Frappe app under this program💰

If you are you ready to take off, head over to the website Frappe Incubator Program and share your proposal today! :rocket:

Click on the blog link below and know more about this program⏳


That is great to hear… But I like to pitch or add something to it…
What if frappe build a special sort of marketplace for people to pitch in fund for something. Sort of like a fundraising to a certain module or creating more feature for a module of frappe/erpnext. As long as it will be opensource. Even it will be used for bug hunting in the code. It will be a win win… for contributors and the community of users. Im a hobbyist and I do understand programmers also need to eat… and water to drink… and also pay the internet… hahaha