Introducing Frappe Webinars - Educational Webinars conducted by experts

Hi community,

Hope everyone is doing well amidst the COVID-19 disruption. We’re just getting acquainted with working remotely full-time, and excited to announce a new series of webinars designed to show the basics, how-to’s, and best practices of using ERPNext, and Frappe apps.

First up: Overview of the ERPNext’s latest major update - Version 13 by Frappe’s functional wizard, @umair

Register today to book your seat! :wink:


plz share recording if any thx

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I missed this! :persevere:

Hope there will be a recording uploaded.

And sorry to be a critic but 4 pm IST bang in the middle of the week is a bit unreasonable time slot!

All registered users will receive the recording and the deck.

We picked up the most convenient time as per the schedule we could manage… But thanks for the feedback, will try to accommodate the request in future. :+1:

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Alright, thanks for the reply and taking the feedback Jai!

Why only registered users though? I was hoping it will be uploaded on the Youtube channel? :roll_eyes:

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I belive that zoom works that way.

Um - it’s part of the plan, hehe. But let me think about this again and get back to you. :wink:


Zoom Live-streaming feature does work that way. Perhaps we might use that next time, not sure about it yet. Stay tuned!

Hi community!

We’re back with the second Frappe Webinar! This time we’re joined by Zerodha’s Vinay Kumar. He’ll talk about how Zerodha uses ERPNext and the Frappe Framework to deploy apps rapidly and maintain consistency across business processes.

You can register here to join us! :wink:

throwing Email must be unique alert

fixed it, can you refresh and try now?

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I registered for the webinar but could not connect at the time of the webinar. -Do I still have access to the videos?

Yes, the link of the replay will be shared with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, so the first webinar’s video hasn’t been uploaded yet, because I haven’t received any email. Thank you for your answer

We’re back with yet another webinar. In this one, Rakesh Singh from Elasticrun, a tech-first Logistics company, joins us to tell how they changed the face of their logistics business with ERPNext as the backbone. Register today to save your seat!