Introducing Print Designer : A brand new way of designing print formats 🖨️

There is some issue with your bench setup try this. create a new bench if problem still persists.

is custom html field not supported in this designer? @maharshivpatel

@519_Hamza_Habeeb I have excluded HTML field for now due to uncertainty it brings but will add soon. can you share your use case that also helps me design better support for HTML field.

wanted to create a new print formt for sales invoice and a lot of the data isnt available in the form, so i wanted to fetch them using html

Can I use the Print Designer on a v15 and then migrate/copy the designs to my v14 instance?


The designer is good, but pulling Google in multiple languages is a big mistake. It cannot be used in places with closed networks. I hope the plugin calls the server’s font library

@Wei_Allen I am aware of this but wkhtmltopdf doesn’t work with self-hosted fonts for some reason.

It is on my list to eventually replace with local fonts.

feel free to try incorporating local fonts.

i would be more than happy to help in anyway possible.

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At present, I am unable to connect to Google within China, and even within the company’s intranet, I am unable to connect to the Internet, so this solution cannot be seen or used.
目前我在中国境内 无法连接到谷歌 还有就是公司内网的也无法连接到英特网 所以这个无解 能看不能用。

希望下一版本 所有打印界面 提供EXCEL打印导出 现实中提取数据很实用
I hope that the next version of all printing interfaces will provide Excel printing and export. It is very practical to extract data in reality

Frappe Framework already have a way to export to excel. Print Designer is for designing print/pdf.
If there is any reason for it to be part of print designer please let me know. Thank you.

I have added option to see hidden fields as well. Please check if now you can access all fields.

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