Introducing Reconciler - GSTR 2B vs PR Matching Tool

Hello Community,

We all know, in India GST plays a vital role. Considering businesses with a large number of transactions, you may find difficulties in matching your system’s PR ( Purchase Invoice and CDN) with the supplier’s 2B data.

To overcome this issue, I designed a new matching tool on Frappe and ERPNext as an open-source project. I call it Reconciler.

The idea is to have a matching tool within the system where we have all bill details, and it
helps to make a quick decision on uploaded supplier’s 2B data without so many restrictions and complications.

Reconciler works in versions 12 and 13. But it still needs some improvements and bug fixes.

I welcome criticism, feature requests, bug fixes, and code contributions from members of the ERPNext community. This will be forever an open-source project.

I will like to acknowledge @karthikeyan5 for his guidance in making this possible.

You can install this from the following Github repo


Thx for Sharing , will install and understand

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@Kaviya_Periyasamy, Welcome to the community. Thank for great contribution.

This enables clients to understand the difference in the tax liability which helps clients avoiding penalty or Notice from GSTN. This will add a lot of value to the business owner.

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Glad it helps!