Introducing the Kanban view in Frappe CRM

One of the most requested features is here โ€“ introducing the Kanban view in Frappe CRM. You can now also view your Leads and Deals on the Kanban board to gain more insights and get a clearer picture of the sales pipeline of your organization.


  1. Set the column value for your Kanban board

  1. Select the fields such as Lead/Deal name, deal value, contact info, etc. to show on each card

  1. Rearrange the columns using simple drag-and-drop action

  2. Move the card across various columns to update the data

  3. Directly perform actions like call, take notes, and add tasks for each Lead/Deal from the Kanban view

  1. Filter the records just like in the list view

You can get started with it right away on Frappe Cloud

Please feel free to share your feedback, and if you encounter any issues, report it here: Issues ยท frappe/crm ยท GitHub