Introducitng *RClone* backup integration app

Hi. ERPNext core has backup function to Google Drive, S3 or Dropbox. Does not support others like MS One Drive. A client of ours needed only MS One Drive backup.

To cater to this requirement we could have just made sync to MS One Drive. But that would not serve if we have to back up to other drive types.

To be able to use almost any other drive we built app for integration using RClone. Works on V12 in production. Below picture if from production server. This gives us the liberty of backing up file to many other drives at same time if supported by Rclone.

It very straight forward process.

  1. Install Rclone app from here
    GitHub - Muzzy73/rclone_integration: Frappe integration with Rclone

  2. Install Rclone on you server/PC.

  3. Authorize One Drive or any other drive

  4. Link Rclone config fine inside ERPNext. (use awesome bar to search Rclone)

You can follow the method here.

A bit cumbersome if ERPNext is hosted on a VPS. You will need to complete the authorization on your local machine as Rclone opens web browser. Paste the token in you VPS.

Once completed, files/folders inside /private/files/backups are synched to drive that you have authorized.


Not sure what you did. I installed it today and it worked fine on V12.

What about for version 13

You can try it on V13. I expect it to work but cant guarantee.

its working on v13 i tested it

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