Invalid Data Field

i want to change sales invoice doc type field value

“Is Return (Credit Note)” from Hidden checkbox checked to unchecked

when i try to update this, the error msg is displayed

Invalid Data Field

Title is an invalid Data field.

Only Options allowed for Data field are:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Phone
  • URL
  • Barcode

Now the “title” field never had any errors earlier in V12

i think this is something to do with migrating in V13

Now my e-invoicing work is held up for return material due to this error.

please help me solve my problem

what is the status of the file? if submitted then you should make the filed you are changing as allow on submit, if its draft check the file you are importing if its check field yes is 1 and no is 0 .

hope this helps.

Hi @malani_mahesh

The mentioned error comes when you set Options in Data fieldtype other then listed in your error message, check all the fields in sales invoice and see if you have added any value in options in Data field other then listed above.