Invalid email adress

I just upgraded to v13 from v12.

When I try to change the status of a sales order, I get the error that the email address is invalid (because it’s not an email address we initially put in this field but a link to a facebook profile).

TO be able to fix this issue I need to cancel sales order and submit again. But its already linked with invoice and payment so I there is a lot of steps required to do it and I have multiple customers like this.

Is there a way to disable this check (I guess this will require a modification of the script on the server directly).

If not, maybe it would be possible to do it in the sales order custom script to just empty this field?

Any suggestions how to do it. I have few custom scripts and I guess I would do that on the submit event but I’m not sure how to know which field I need to edit.


Check if the following works:

  1. Go to Customize Form > Sales Order
  2. Go to field Contact Email. Under Options, remove Email. Update and then check the sales order.

Removing Email from the field’s Option should remove the email validation.

Thanks. It worked. I needed to to that for quote, sales order, invoice and payment entry.
Then I did an upgrade to v13.3
And to re do it again.
But it fixed the issue.
Thank you

I would suggest that in case there are other contact methods, then maintaining them in custom fields would be best and make the email read_only field.

Reason is that when you’re trying to send an email, the system looks for a field with the above validation to pick as an email field.

I already created another field for that but I guess the easiest way would be to move the field would be directly in the database because it’s a read only field