Invalid field name: disable_rounded_total

I was just trying to create a salary slip for my employee in our company. His/her salary structure is already created and when I try to save the it the following error gets displayed.
Invalid field name : disable_rounded_total
Also have a look at the screenshot.

Someone help me with this.

The only thing I can think of is if you made custom changes in the Salary Slip and use ‘disable_rounded_total’ somewhere.
Try to open the console (f12 on most browsers) and look for the last few lines where the error is coming from. It would help a lot!

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did you solve this issue ?/

the column may be truncated
back it up
remove it
recreate it
then restore the content

Go to Salary Slip list > Menu > Customize and check if there is field in the table for rounded total? If yes, please expand the row and send the screenshot of the same.