Invalid Login on First Set-Up

Dear Fellow ERPNext Colleague,

I manage to install ERPNext into my own server, until it gave me 3 password for Frappe, MariaDB, and Administrator.

So I go to my IP address to set-up, but when I input my Administrator password, it give me error message “Invalid Login”

Anyone has answer regarding this matter?

You can reset admin password with bench set-admin-password password

Just type the bench set-admin-password password where the last “password” is the new password?

Sorry for asking much, I still learning about Linux Coding


Yes, password stands for new password.

eg: bench set-admin-password admin@123

I tried it but it seems that the set-admin-password is not available

Do I miss any step on the installation?

It not gives any output, on terminal after execution of bench set-admin-password password, just try to login with new password.

Thank you for your help.

I just made a Rookie Mistake, instead of “Administrator” I just type “Administration”

Just make me feel shame for like 5 minutes.

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Hi, I have still the same problem, and I did set-admin-password, but issue remain. what could be the problem?

Have you executed this command from frappe-bench ? Is there any error on terminal ?

I didn’t get any error in terminal. As I can see command work properly. But I got invalid login again

Can you share a screenshot ?

Yes, sure

@cusino, your location is wrong.

cd path_to_your_frappe-bench
bench set-admin-password

Are you still facing the same issue?

yes, strange thing

Try this,

bench use site-name
bench set-admin-password password

and I have another strange thing. I sign up earlier another user, system say that this user already exist, but in mariadb only 2 users: Administrator and Guest.

Do you have multiple sites?

cd frappe-bench/sites
ls -l 

please, share output of these commands