Invalid login on fresh install


Yesterday i have made fresh centos 6 64bit install, when made easy install off erpnext, switched to develp branch, upgraded everything. to main site i can login with given credentials on installation.
but when i create some other sites i cant login to them.

tried update __Auth table with another password, but then trying to login system says Invalid login.

I just updated today and I’m having the same issue.
In my case I have some error on the javascript and the button ‘Sign In’ is not making the POST to call the method cmd:‘login’.
Still searching the problem…

Tested on my local. Not showing any such issues. Can you post the output of the javascript console?

Anand, can yo tell me where the frappe object is created?
'Cause my error is that the frappe object doesn’t exist.

Found the error!!!
On frappe/ line 32
is missing from
web_include_js = [

Never mind … it was moved to base.html

I am facing the same issue here!!!

This was fixed.