Invalid login using administrator account

I have installed erpnext on my computer using virtual box, twice i used it with no problem till this morning I log out of my administrator account and trying login using another user id but have some error message telling that user id is invalid. after that, i tried to login again using administrator account but the error message still there. just a few minutes after log out from administrator account and trying to login again with same administrator account but the system reject the account. please tell me what is wrong with this issue?

have you changed administator password?

Default password is admin for VM.

nope never change anything with any user account. it just happened for few minutes, this morning I still can login with user account, then suddenly this noon it just said invalid.

from terminal,

bench --site site-name set-admin-password admin

thanks for the help but i’m not understand what is terminal? i don’t have basic coding or ever use linux before.

Terminal is similar to the Windows “Command Prompt”. A way of running programs and applications without a GUI. You should be able to find it quickly from your Linux menu on in your desktop environment.

If you’ve never used Linux, the Terminal commands are quite different from Windows/DOS. To run bench commands, you must change directories using “cd”, so that you’re in the “frappe-bench” folder. The bench commands don’t work properly from other directories. Every ERPNext installation could install differently. Mine is located here: /usr/local/erp/bench-repo/frappe-bench. So I would open a Terminal, and enter this command:

cd /usr/local/erp/bench-repo/frappe-bench

Your location of “frappe-bench” folder will be different. Once there, you can use the Terminal to issue the command that @saurabh6790 mentioned above.

You can use ERPNext without coding knowledge for now. But some Linux 101 basic knowledge will be very helpful for administering it, and trying it out. Probably worth spending some time reading introduction articles on Linux file system, terminal, etc.

Hope this helps!

thank you @brian_pond for explaining it, other problem is I’m using Virtualbox on my windows 10 host, and I have some trouble to launch terminal. on the other forum says you can open terminal using command prompt of windows but other says you can’t using linux code on windows cmd, now that’s where I stuck. and i can’t even locate my frappe-bench folder even using search.