Invalid OutgoingMail Server or Port

Hi i have set Sendgrid service for sending mail and i have configured everything and i am recieving this error “Invalid Outgoing Mail Server or Port”,please help me out with solving this

Hi @Rakshith_Onkar,

Just check your configuration,

  • Again check your outgoing mail server settings to ensure that the server and port numbers are correct. Make sure that your email account credentials are correct, including your username and password.
  • Check that your firewall or antivirus software is not blocking outgoing connections on the specified port.
  • Ensure that the “Use SSL” or “Use TLS” settings are enabled if required by your email provider.
  • Try restarting the ERPNext service or server and then test the email configuration again.

Thank You!

before mapping mail in erpnext you can check first in Ubuntu default mail thunderbird application

if you everything is correct then send and receive test mail using thunderbird.

now you confirm mailing service working correctly.

then configure erpnext help of thunderbird settings

create domain and set it then set mail account notification select configured domain type password and enable send and receive feature map port and set default mail account then final send and receive test mail from erpnext.

make sure installed erpnext server mailing port is enabled or not if you hosted cloud Ubuntu os mostly 22 port is enabled default remains all are block.