Invalid Password When Changing Password

I tried to reset my password and I kept getting an alert saying invalid password. @ is not being recognized as a character. Also when setting a new password it should be required that you confirm the new password because I changed my password and seemingly made a typo and now I am locked out of my account.

@karrycreativ $ bench set-admin-password [password]

Sorry I should have specified, it was not the admin password. I used the admin account to reset the password for the account so I was able to get back in. Can this command work for other user accounts or is it only for the admin account?

its only for admin

Do I add a feature request on git because confirming a password is a standard feature at this point.

which way you are using for change password.?

“Forgot Password” and in “My Settings”. Both methods gave the same issue.

go to my settings > scroll down there is a option change password > type new password > save
this way u r following ??

yes please.