Inventory adjustments

It is the end of the year and I want to go over my physical and online inventory and make adjustments where needed.

Is there a special way of doing this?

I’ve gone in and adjusted items one at a time by adding or removing inventory on individual items.

How should this be done?

Hi. Stock Reconciliation is the tool you need to use.
Even when you open a new doc you can download, fill and upload later the Items table.
You can adjust both the value and the quantity of items if you need.


Thanks for the idea for the stock reconciliation tool.

When I search for it, I come up wit a few options:

  • stock reconciliation list
  • stock reconciliation report
  • new stock reconciliation

But, the only one that kind of means something is the new stock reconciliation.

But, it is a from you fill out on line.

I will need some guidance.

I was under the impression that there was a file that could be downloaded and filed in with the current quantities of all items, and uploaded back to adjust the quantities.

Or, do I need to go in and adjust each item individually??


In a new Stock Reconciliation you can do it in the 2 ways you said.

  1. Enter the products to be adjusted row by row or
  2. Download the template with the button below the table, complete the data and re-upload the file.

Regarding the data to be entered, both the quantities and the valuation of the products can be adjusted.

If you only need to adjust quantity, you only have to enter the new one and the system will reduce or increase the stock of said product and record the difference against the inventory adjustment account.

Maybe you can try with just one item Stock
Reconciliation in each way so you can choose which is bestter.

You can make just one Stock Reconciliation for multiple items or various Stock Reconciliation.
A practical recommendation is that if there are many items to be reconciled, it would be convenient to divide its and make several reconciliations to a better management.

There are some tools you can use too. As the boton Get Item from wearhouse that loads the items of a chosen one to the table, (but you need to remove the ones that don’t need adjustments).
Also entering in each item row there is a barcode field to enter them by scanner.

Remember in the field Purpose select: Stock Reconciliation.

Thanks for your feedback.

OK, it seems that both ways presented here still require entering in each and every item manually in the given table, even if I want to download the list and do it off line. It seems a bit tedious if I need to change 107 things.

One thing that seems to be missing is how do I know, which out actually looking up each item on its item page?

Is there a way to download a lost of ALL items that I have with the current quantity of each one? Then, upload the list with the updated numbers?

I recall doing this when my system was first set up, but I do now recall how this was done or worked.


Follow up on my request on being able to download a reconciliation list with it prepopulated with current inventory numbers for all items?

This would save lots of time.