Inventory allocated against a Sales Order, should not display "not in stock"

Inventory allocated against a particular item of Sales Order. (Please see first screen shot).

But, still it is showing “not in stock”. (Please see second screen shot).

Suggestion : It should be shown in third colour (other than red & green, perhaps blue) showing “allocated”.

Please check “Actual Quantity” of the same item
if it is zero then it will show “Not in Stock”.

Hi… Pl see the first screen shot. Actual qty is not zero (It’s 7, higher than order qty). Still it is showing as “not in stock”.

Can you check your warehouse .
-means in which warehouse that item is actually stored ( which warehouse you have selected at the time of purchase receipt/Material Receipt …for that item)
-At the time of sales order ,which warehouse you are selecting.

Here there is not question of Purchase receipt/material receipt.

Warehouse of item and sales order item are same.

Before submission of Sales Order, it was showing item in stock. After submission of sales order (because stock seems to be allocated to sales order), it is showing not in stock (as projected qty is reduced). This thing is very clear from two screen shots provided.

Timing makes a difference. The date of the SO is very important cause the system checks what was the stock at the date and time of the SO.

I tried changing date of SO also. It does not work that way

@umair / @rmehta - Kindly look into the matter.

Sales order Stock Status before Sales Order Submit (Pl see the Warehouse colour in screen Shot)

Sales Order Stock Status after Sales Order Submit (Pl see the warehouse colour in screen shot)