Inventory cost difference when using delivery note

When I am using delivery note for moving stock from warehouse to particular projects, then profitability analysis stock cost showing different amount.

Example : If total item cost is aed 1636.85 as per delivery note, but it show aed 1642.85 in profitability analysis against that stock. Why this variation? can anyone suggest me?

You could do some analysis here - why not use reports and filters to simplify and isolate your problem case, to identify the source of the difference - say just a single line entry?

If you think the problem is a software bug that would be a big help and of course then we need to know.

As well try a search of the forum - for eg ‘Cost of goods sold’ turns up this for insight Cost of Goods Sold Account entry considers tax?

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Hi …I strongly believe it is a software bug. There is no other reason to change the amount of delivery note when coming to cost of goods sold

To confirm your theory two ideas you might consider trying -

export your data to a spreadsheet and use a pivot table to identify the problem

create a simple test example to illustrate and prove your case

A third option is to search the forum for other matching reports of your problem?