Inventory reconciliations - question

I did a inventory reconciliation about 4 months ago.

I go to the inventory reconciliations page, pressed the fetch items form warehouse button, and downloaded current inventory.

But, when I look at the outputm it lists:

current quantity

Which column to I upgrade before uploading the file back up to erpnext?



You can refer to the following link and it states as below

Thanks @pawan

The example that I described was inventory reconcile using a spear sheet file. Your’s seems ot be updating 1 item at a time.

I prefer the spreadsheet because I can update dozens of process at a time.

The problem is that using the downloaded file, it has 2 columns with the word quantity:
current quantity

Which column will update the correct value that will update the inventory values in ERPNext?


If you scroll down below for the link content, you would see documentation for Data Upload as well. In that it appears that “Current Quantity” is the one that is used.

You can try it and upload it and not submit the document. Prior to submission, check the grid if it has the correct values and if yes, you can submit the document.