Inventory report for specific items?

I am trying to find a way to create a report for specific items?

I want to be able to make multiple reports with specific items in each report.

Any suggetsions? Pointers?



Any body can give any ideas or suggestions as to how to do an inventory of specific items?

I need to get the current inventory of specific items on a regular basis, and instead of working through the entire inventory list, I am hoping to find a way.



Create an item group with these specific items and you can filter any reports with the item group.

That is a good idea. My item groups are all set up. Can an item have more than one item group attached to it?

The other idea I came up with last night, but it seems to be only part of the solution.

I was able to create tags and tag my products.

When I go and list my products, I can filter them using the tags.

I get the exact items I am trying to find.

But, the next step is to be able to create a report that filters using the tags, but I also need to get the current inventory of the items.

How can I get the current quantity listed in the report as well?


When you reach this level of complexity (e.g. filter by Tags + fetch current Stock), it’s time to write either a Query Report or Script Report.

You’ll have to write your own SQL and/or Python code, based on the Tables/DocTypes where the data is stored. But you have the ability to write almost any tabular report.

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