Invoice Already Exists

When I tried to raise new sales invoice its saying it already exists
Why i am getting this error


@Santhosh_Aerotek check doctype list → sales invoice → auto naming . what have you written ?

This is how it looks…

@Santhosh_Aerotek can you confirm that the sales invoice 00001 actually exists ?

Yes, It already exists

@Santhosh_Aerotek did you change anything in the doctype list ? probably added “unique” to one of the fields.

No, I haven’t changed anything

@Santhosh_Aerotek I suggest to rebuild the table . open apps/erpnext/erpnext/accounts/doctype/sales_invoice . open sales_invoice.json. search for modified and change it to recent date like yesterday . than run bench migrate . hope rebuilding the table will fix it

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Thanks, I solved this issue by rebuilding the table

Thanks you very much.

@Santhosh_Aerotek mark the answer as solution please :slight_smile: so everyone can have the soltion