Invoice amendment


Can someone help me with this error.

While I amend the cancelled sales invoice there is an error message popping up saying change the naming series as per GST rules which we cannot change (naming series)

Here is the screenshot below

Thanks in advance


Please make sure that in Naming series keep digits less that 16.

Thanks for your response @ekabyte (Krishnaprasad)

Here is the screenshot of my naming series list for sales invoice the highlighted is the one which i am using for current fiscal year which is less than 16 characters.

Is there any changes need to make ? please advise


Hi @rakshitha,

Your series is in the proper format but please check if blank space after 23/ then remove it and check it.

If not work then remove your particular series then update it then add a set of serires.

Thank You!

It looks some issue with the syntax

Try like SINV-/.22-23./ and let me know.

If all processes do not work then last apply this series:

It’s working on amending the Invoice.

Thank You!

@ekabyte - No, its not working

@NCP Mr. Patel - Its not working

can you use this series?
because it’s series work my side after amending.


Mr.Patel - Its not working again… ! any other solution ?

Hi Rakshitha,

If you are operating in a bureaucratically regulated environment such as India, having the revision numbers on a Sales Invoice just invites a lot of trouble. Here’s how you can make a Sales Invoice that needs correction into the corrected invoice but with the same number as the original.

Plus you can adopt a simpler naming series that does not add up to 16 characters. Like say 10, including the series, so that you don’t have to worry about the revisions.

Here’s that link:

Hope this helps.



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