Invoice design / letter format questions

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  1. Is there an easy way to adjust the print format of the invoices in that way, that the Customer address matches a regular envelop like this:

Example (in german, but I think you get the point)

With the WYSIWYG editor I find it hard to exactly position the layout. If this needs to be done in HTML or any other code - where can I find the code of the “default” invoice template?

  1. How can chose between printing and not printing the letter header w/o the whole text moving up? Is there a way to insert a placeholder in the size of the banner on top, so that printed invoices look the same than PDF including the header and footer?

  2. How can I insert a footer that always stays at the very bottom of my invoice and does not move up either? Is there way to insert a table, so that my customers contact and billing details can be displayed like in the example above with more than one column?

Thank you so much for your support!



Could somebody give me a hint on how to solve this?
Any help is much appreciated.



You can create the custom print format where you can set the print format layout, please check custom print format

Please check the Letter Head to create the header and footer


Of course I know and checked the Letter Head function
But how can I make sure that if I chose to not print the header and footer (because I’m using printing paper), not all the text blocks move up (because there is no header chosen anymore) but stay in place?
Is there an option I overlooked?


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