Invoice from Quote

We are a services company and as such we do not use delivery notes. I wanted to know how it is possible to create directly a invoice from quote.
If I use the process quote->order->invoice the order is always pending as no Delivery note is issued for services.
I have setup all my items as service items.
Any approach on the simplest selling process from quote to invoice for services is welcome.

Thank you in advance,

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I agree with this. Having to “deliver” services is kind of annoying, we accept that the invoice is the record of completion, and have to do a Delivery Note just to turn the bubble green.

You could just use the Sales Invoice alone, first as a draft as a quote, then submitted as the invoice, and customize the print format from there.

Hi Chris, Thanks for the idea.

I too would be using this for the time being but I would prefer to create a quote straight to invoice (without going thru sales order).

Anyone know how to set this up?


As a service company, I also do not use delivery notes. Is there a way to simply go from Quote > Invoice or Quote > Sales Order > Invoice.

Go to Selling=> Settings. In the Delivery Note Required section choose “No”. Save and reload.

Delivery note is not just for physical items. We use it for service items as well. Example installation of ERPNext for client. We get the delivery note signed by client to ensure we have proof of the service has been provided. Insurance for any future claims.

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