Invoice management attachments

We are a software services company, working on creating winning apps and projects for our clients across the globe. For us to deliver full stack services we associate with several vendors as well. Not to mention the other expenses we incur to run our day to day business activities. We are looking to use ErpNext services to maintain manage and monitor all our expenses and invoices under one roof.

Here are a few questions we are trying to figure out

  1. Is it possible to maintain complete expense sheet of the company?
  2. Is it possible to upload all bills associated with every invoices within?
  3. Can we analytically view the expenses based on topic filters and timeline period in terms of day, week or Month?

Apart from managing our invoices and expenses we are also looking to maintain all our assets together. We have several Laptop, desktops, mobiles, macs and other devices that are used by our team members. Our primary aim of the asset management system is for us to monitor who is using what and more importantly alerts for renewal dates

  1. Can we get auto alerts for all devices and softwares, to extend the licence/ warranty or insurance a few weeks before the defined deadline?

These are some points we would like to get help with. We are happy with the services provided and we are thriller to learn more and optimally use the system in place. Thanks heaps!

Hi and welcome to ERPNext. I can safely staet that all your requirements can be catered to by ERPNext. Best way to get used to this is to download it and start creating the required items, ledgers, employees, customers etc. It will be a new learning curve but you would find many tutorials on YouTube and go through the manual. Here the links