Invoice overdue reminders


I was looking for documentation about reminders for invoices when they are overdue.
I can’t find anything about this topic.

In the invoices list they are marked as overdue, but what can we do with them?

Normally I would expect something like “send reminder”.
Once a reminder is send it should also mention it.
After 2 reminders we send it the a lawyer (this will be done manually).

How do we have to use ERPNext for reminders.
Or does nobody reminder their customer of overdue invoices? :slight_smile:



So I created the outgoing default mail account.
I created the Email alerts.

When will these alerts be triggered?
Can these alerts be triggered manually?

I mean.
My customer actually wants to have controle over the sending of invoice reminders.

So when the invoice is “overdue”, he would like to have this button to click on “send reminder”.

you have three options:

  1. wait until 00:00 Clock to get the auto trigger and check all and send all (you can change in the source code for different hours).

  2. click manually on send the invoice to the customer…

  3. if you are a developer you can make a custom script with a link to the triggers to trigger this event

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Don’t you guys work with interest on the outstanding balance?
If they don’t pay after several days (terms and conditions), there will be a fee and interest on top of the outstanding balance.

Or do you all put this inside of the email alerts?

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To Configure the email alert, I set it to:
Send Alert On: → Save
When I save a new sales invoice, I don’t get the alert.
Are these alerts always triggered only at 00:00 ?
Is there a bench command to manually trigger these alerts?

@ramielian, thanks for the options. Could you point me to the file where I can change the auto trigger time?

Best practise is to add a custom script with an event function to be triggered on submitting the doc.

Modifying source code like this can have many bad reactions and its never good.

Am not aware about the source files (never actually took time to check it) but the function is not an Erpnext function, it’s for frappe it self so you might begin in there…

And if you did already find it or solve your issue the feedback it really appreciated…



So I got the alert setup with a fixed email address during testing.

Now I want to be able to send the email to the “Email Id” of the Customer’s “Billing Address”.

Any Idea how to do this?