Invoice Print Customization

Hi ,

How I can modify the pre defined tags like "Customer Name " in Invoice print Customization.
Also some fields are in bold and how I can change it.

Expecting your suggestion

Check the field Gear

Thanks @OmarJaber ,

But here the option is available only for Label and Align ,
I want change the “Bold” for the field. Also I am want to know where I can change the contents of these pre defined tags…

In this case, you can use Custom HTML option
And insert your fields inside HTML tag using Jinja code
For example: to print Title custom field in bold
you can use this code


Thanks @OmarJaber .

My aim is to modify the pre defined variables , because we have multiple sites .
If I can change the pre defined variable, it will be available for other sites also. Currently we are in self hosting server.

Also I looking way to export the print format and import to another site .

please advise

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You can make your custom print format in new app and then install it in each site you want

Thanks lot

I will try it

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