Invoice print format: Where is the orgininal print template?


I have another question: I have to change the print format of the invoices. The graphical editor is not sufficient enough and I want to create my invoice with the custom format editor (Server, HTML).

But I don’t want to start from scratch, I want to start with the template which is already defined as the “Standard” print format.

Where can I find the standard template to start with my modifications?

make a new print format…
setup-print format – create a new. – standart fill “Yes”

you can find your print format:
erpnext/setup/print_format/(your print format)

After configuring the print format I realized that there are two possibilities:

  • The custom format editor which accepts HTML code for the invoice format. There is no “Default” template for this. It must be created from scratch
  • The graphical editor which can be used to define a easy-to-create print format. This editor stores a JSON string in the database and does not create any “HTML Template”

Actually I thought there should be somewhere a HTML Template which represents the format of the graphical editor. But I learned: There is none.