Invoice sending - how to change tagline

I just started using the email feature to send the invoices to my clients.

I can add the text to the body of the email.

But, I found a tagline added to the email that I’d love to change:)

Where in ERPNext is the located?

If you can share the tagline, it will be easier to help :sweat_smile:


Sent via [ ERPNext ]

On system Settings you can hide or change standard email footer.

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Thank yo very much. I found it.

But,it only takes care of the “eco2bueau”.

The “Sent via [ ERPNext ]” does not appear here, so I am not sure how to remove/modify this.




If you want to stop that, uncheck the standard footer option in System Settings.

The standard footer comes from of ERPNext:

Easy/dirty way is to simply change this line.

A better way would be to create an empty custom app and simply add your own default footer via hooks.

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