Invoice that must be paid in several due dates

Hi all,

I sell my products to my customers with invoices that have several due dates, for example:

I sell a flat in 65.000 usd, that must be paid in:

10.000.- usd on 20-march-2016
20.000.- usd on 20-april-2016
35.000.- usd on 20-august-2016

How can make the invoice with this due dates and this information shown in Cash Flow Report???


@AlvaroNavarro erpnext doesn’t have the feature for multiple due dates right now. However there is an upcoming feature called ‘Payment Request’ which will have a Due Date that might solve your problem.

Cash flow statement doesn’t show transactions. I think what you are looking for is ‘Accounts Receivable’ report.

Thank you very much for your help anand! Until “Payment Request” solution is implemented, can you advise me how to get it??