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Hi! We would like to implement ERPNext in our organization. There are two specific requirements for which we would like to know if they are possible, and if so, how could we implement them. I would like to ask you about the first scenario.

Our organization sells services to different customers, call one of them A. However, they pay through an intermediary company B. Turns out that in this scheme every invoice we make has to be addressed to B. Is there anyway that the info about A actually buying could be stored?. This is important because of CRM reasons, as the client is actually A. For example we would like the report of sales mentioning A primarily.

One option that occurs to me is setting an additional field Invoice_to in the invoice form and modifying the invoice template to address B instead of A. Is this the right track?, does this imply other modifications?.

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@david.gamba, you can implement this, using Sales Partner where the intermediary customer is your Sales Partner and the final customer is your customer!

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Please refer the link to learn more about Sales Partner in ERPNext

Hope this helps.

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@ArundhatiS, @max_morais_dmm thank you!, that was fast and yes, it’s just what I need.

@max_morais_dmm there is still one issue though. Does this invoice the sales partner?, it seems you can give them a percentage of comission, but we actually charge them for the service we give company A.

@david.gamba It dont invoice the Sales Partner, if you need that, you need 2 invoices, one for the intermediary customer and another to the end customer

@max_morais_dmm i need to invoice just the intermediary, because the end customer pays the intermediary trouch a subscription plan, but the end costumer is the one we want to see in the reports, as the CRM is targeted to them.

@david.gamba A simple way, is consider the final customer as a contact of the intermediary customer, so you can correlate each contact to the intermediary customer, and select the contact into invoice, to co-relate, but the intermediarry customer is who will be invoiced

Alternatively, you can consider as Address too

I see, could you elaborate on how I could implement the first option?. Also, I didn’t undestand what you meant by consider as Address.

@david.gamba, look that Image!

Each Address, represent the final Customer, but they are related with the intermediary customer, while selling, this company create a new address, representing the final customer, inside the intermediary customer.

The advantage of this, is that all asset’s will delivered to the final customer, in his address, but the invoices are billed to the intermediary customer, how you can read here Invoice as Orders resume · Maxwell Morais

Very interesting, indeed this might work. How did you manage to add the button?

@david.gamba, custom development