Invoicing for time

Is there a way to invoice for time?

I know when creating an invoice there is a timesheet option but this doesn’t seem relevant, it looks like it is more for my staff to invoice me.

I am trying to invoice another organisation for my time. Normally in software when creating invoices you have the option to choose if the row is for a product or for hours worked.

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The way we use it, we’re entering time related to projects, that way, when you select the project in the sales invoice form, all billable time sheets autopopulate and it shows you the billing amount based on activity billing amounts set up. This is mostly for transparency reasons

The second step for us was making an item called “labour” alongside materials, or products, and entering the amount of hours/rate there

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Hi @Softwareprofs . @superlack is correct with the steps given. Items can be non-stock also like services. You can use this to create “Service” item with a default UOM “Hr” as Hour. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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