IOT Device Management Plaform

I am using Python Client on Raspberry-Pi for processing job cards on the shop floor. I am using RFID Readers to trigger the Job Card Start and Job Card Complete functions.

I need a recommendation for IOT Device Management platform for my Raspberry Pie clients. If any one has a first hand experience, would really like know about it.

Some requirements for IOT Device Management:

  • FOSS
  • Delivering application updates
  • Network Identity and Configuration
  • OS and Security Updates

Then, there is another Idea of building such a platform within ERPNext, with the help of Doctypes and some client side services running on the Raspberry Pi edge nodes.

Would be great to hear from the community of any experience.

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good idea, waiting for further update.

I’ve not done this - so this is just a general idea of a possible way to achieve this.

ThingsBoard - Open-source IoT Platform

It looks like it would be possible to use this as your IOT platform, and then either connect using their API or another possible option would be to use ERPNext Virtual DocTypes to create a custom interface into the underlying database.

Sounds like an interesting project, I’d love to know how you get on.


I have implemented the ERPNext side of things by creating Doctypes for RFID Readers(as workstations) and RFID Tags(for Trolleys as Warehouses alloted to a Work Order).

I will evaluate thingsboard and update it here.

thingsboard seems to know mqtt

I’ve used to self host mqtt. It does have ui/api to manage devices/users/clients.

How to use mqtt in Frappe app: Sample app to publish and subscribe to MQTT5


I should have looked at this before starting to develop on the Raspberry-Pi modules. I now have frappe-python client and a custom application running as a service.
It will take some effort to migrate to things board.
I will most likely build something on Frappe + some OS level scripts for managing services and identity.
Thank you.

For someone who have stumbled upon this post. I have finally gone ahead with -

  • Frappe Server Scripts
  • Raspberry Pi with a custom application running as a Service
  • Using “rport” as the device management service