IoT in Agriculture

Has anyone ever tried IoT implementation in Agriculture on ERPNext?
For example in doing plant, weather, soil, or water analysis?

I don’t think so. But we can try, if you have hardware setup ready with you, I can provide you APIs needed from ERPNext. What say ?

BTW, I have little IOT background too. We can work on it.

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Consider me in. I come from electrical Engineering background and a passionate programmer

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Hi guys, we’re also interested in IOT integration. We’re working on integrating Grownetics into ERPnext ag module. You can see on our website and check out the code at Grownetics · GitLab


This is cool stuff!

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Hello buddy,
Thank you for your response.
I’d like to pursue this further.
Kindly let me know if you are still available to advance this.

Hello Vince,
Thank you for sharing.

Did you get any headways on this as yet?

Hi Jimmy,
We’re mid implementation of ERPnext for a hemp cultivator but are still focused on adapting the manufacturing module to work for indoor agriculture. We haven’t linked grownetics into batch reports yet.

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By chance are you doing this in Colombia? If so, I’d like to get in touch.

We embed our IOT platform in a custom app within ERPNext. Storing all sensor data within ERP

is too much usually.

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Thank you @Mark_de_Blois
This is exactly what am looking for.
I will get in touch with you.

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This is an example of one of the IOT dashboards we have integrated


Hey @vincehark ,
are you using the open source version of grownetics?