IP address keeps changing when ever the computer is suddenly shutdown

Hello all,
i recently implemented ERPNext on a VM and can access it from other computers on a network using the IP address but the IP address keeps changing every time the computer ERPNext installed on shuts down. How can i make the IP address static??

Thank you.

If you set it to “bridging” mode instead of NAT mode, it may be more stable. You may also have to configure your DHCP server to reserve a particular IP address for the VM’s mac address

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My network mood is already bridged adapter and the ip address that keeps changing is the ERPNext which i can only access through frappe terminal with “ifconfig” so how can i access my DHCP server ?

The DHCP is usually set at your firewall/router. That server will detect the mac-address of the requesting machine, and then assign the next available IP address…unless you have reserved a particular IP address for the mac-address.

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