IP and port address

New to the virtual machine and erpnext.
I have the virtual machine running on a computer in the network.
Erpnext is up and running and I can access it on the computer using the browser and http://localhost:8080.
I would like erpnext to be accessible on our intranet.
How do I change the IP and port address so it will always start up that way.
Thanks in advance for the help.


Well you cannot change the IP as the IP for the external network would be the same as your host computer.

Since you plan to use ERPNext for production, did you use --setup-production from the install instructions?


I found that if I used the computer’s IP address and the :8080 it works from within the network.


And if you go to google.com and type “what is my ip” and use the ip address there say, it should work then too.



I had a somehow simillar issue to you except that I wanted to run ERPNext from outside network.

You (or anybody coming to this page later) might find this link helpful:
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I access my production ERP Setup at my.address:80 on my local machine (i.e. the one I installed the ERPNext on. How do I access the ERPNext website on a client PC. I have both server and client setup in a virtual machine. Thank you in advance

This should help Accessing Production server - #4 by clarkej