[IP] does not exists on log files. Site goes offline and online

On V10 I encountered this problem. The site goes offline, stays for a period of time offline, then it goes online again. I checked log files web.log and I get this message…

Any idea what’s causing this problem?

UPDATE: The strange thing is that it does not work on my work’s network. When I try from my mobile (LTE Data), it works.

Since no one cared to help, I think the problem was from fail2ban . Because of many requests, the server banned my ip.
I ignored my IP on fail2ban config files. And since then, no more issues.

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I had the same issue where the server randomly started and stopped every few minutes during production, thanks to this comment. I solved it. At first, I just did a sudo fail2ban-client stop to check, and then did a sudo supervisorctl restart all and my problem was immediately solved.

Server does not randomly start stop. Because of 1 user fail2ban acts. By then another user accessing the server keeps refreshing the page. It causes fail2ban to add more time. I am not sure of this, it was what I observed at a client who had about 15 simultaneous users at one location.

Best solution is to get a static IP at the main which has the highest number of users. Add that to fail2ban. After that users accessing server from that IP address will never get banned no matter how many users keep hitting the server. Once you have the static IP do this
sudo fail2ban-client set nginx-proxy addignoreip IP.IP.IP.IP

We did this and since then there are no complaints of inaccessible server.

That is the correct approach, instead of stopping fail2ban service altogether.