IP not reachable for ERPNext

Hello, Anders here.

From time to other, when working from my office, ERPNext willl close the connection to our public IP.
I cannot ping the server or connect through ssl, let alone through http or https.
Changing our public IP helps, but this does not address the issue.
After some time, I am able to connect from the previous used public ip again.

Any one experienced the same issue? At the moment, the server is hosted at AWS, I have configured it on a Ubuntu 16.04 server, following the guide.

Please help.

Have you checked access logs on Aws? I seem shooting in the dark a bit but could be that there is some ddos type of attack providing from your network and it gets banned? Also use a network sniffer and investigate your LAN. I host on AWS and haven’t experienced any issue.

I am not sure where to look for what in AWS. To be honest, I find AWS quite difficult to work with. I am more into hosting on bare metal.

Have you checked the log files from Fail2Ban (if used)? It could be that caused by errors the connection is blocked… If this is the cause, consider whitelisting (jail) your IP…